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Royal FloraHolland

Employer branding

For more than a hundred years, the Royal FloraHolland cooperative has connected flower and plant buyers and growers worldwide. The cooperative also offers a unique combination of order, payment and delivery services. To deliver all the sold flowers and plants from their growers to their customers in a smart, efficient and sustainable a way as possible, Royal FloraHolland needs more logistics employees.

Early risers

The work days at Royal FloraHolland start early in the morning – which presents a challenge when it comes to finding new logistics employees. That’s why, together with PROOF, it has developed a targeted recruitment campaign under the banner of ‘Bloom – with the Netherlands’ most fun morning job.’ The campaign focuses on the benefits of starting and finishing your work early in the day, as well as what Royal FloraHolland has to offer as an employer.

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A broad variety of staff

There is no such thing as a typical logistics employee at Royal FloraHolland – with high-schoolers, students, people with a second job and retirees who want to stay active, it’s a diverse group. The campaign targets all of these groups by showing a varied range of employees explaining and showing why they like working at Royal FloraHolland.


Regional campaign

The campaign targets the regions of Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg, through digital bus shelter billboards, social advertising, banners, videos and more. Each type of content leads you directly to the landing page, where you’ll find employee testimonials and all kinds of fun and interesting facts Visitors are also prompted to take action.

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Internal communications

Of course, the best ambassadors for Royal FloraHolland are its own employees, which is why PROOF designed banners for the workplace. These explain the recruitment campaign and rally people to recommend Royal FloraHolland and make referrals – for a reward, of course. This ensures everyone within the organisation gets involved in searching for and finding new colleagues. Employees featured in the campaign also get recognition: they receive a personal ‘thank you’ note, which is then printed on big posters hung throughout the organisation

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