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Collective labour agreement communication

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Employee alignment

Eight university medical centres (UMCs) and approximately 80,000 people. Like a spider in a web, the Nederlandse Federatie van Universitair Medische Centra (NFU – Dutch federation of university medical centres) represents their interests, both within and outside the UMCs. The NFU connects and supports the UMCs in common core tasks, and stimulates partnerships with other health care parties and scientific institutions at regional, national and international level.

An unambiguous and up-to-date story

The NFU is, among other things, responsible for the collective labour agreement (CLA) and other employment conditions of all UMC staff. As part of this, it is important that all UMCs inform their employees about the current status of the CLA negotiations and tell the same, unambiguous story.

To help them, PROOF develops communication tools to support the UMCs in delivering proactive communication about the CLA, plus other themes that have emerged from various dialogue sessions with employees. These themes range from fair and balanced remuneration to professional development, and from vitality to flexibility.

One highly effective tool was a striking wall newspaper. The wall newspaper is mostly filled by the NFU, but each UMC can add its own articles. In this way, all the UMCs tell the same story. At the same time, this framework allows the UMCs to give the medium and the message their own touch.

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