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Embedding the Agile way of working

Employee alignment

The ambition of insurer NN in Hungary is to be a respected company that truly matters in the lives of its stakeholders. With aligned employees as important enablers in bringing this ambition to life, NN Hungary needs to transform itself and create an environment in which the right talent feels empowered to be successful. To support this, NN Hungary implemented the Agile way of working. But how do you ensure you are not just ‘pushing’ a methodology, but truly helping your people to think and behave differently? NN Hungary asked PROOF to help.

101 ways to empower yourself

PROOF developed a programme of activities and initiatives that would empower and facilitate leaders and employees so they themselves could make the Agile methodology work for NN Hungary. All of these initiatives and activities came together in one creative concept: ‘101 ways to empower yourself’.

Ready to launch

A key tool – and an important part of the 101 proof points – developed by PROOF was a special employee handbook: a playful, easy-to-read guide to everything you need to know as an employee. It was one of the first tangible expressions of the creative concept and part of the launch of the new way of working. Each employee received a personal copy on the day NN Hungary officially switched to Agile to help them thrive in the new organisation.


Explore the unknown

PROOF developed the format, copy and design, and coordinated the photography and production. The theme chosen for the handbook was aspace travel metaphor for the Agile journey, as the two share many similarities. A great endeavour and adventure, requiring many skillsets and resources, teamwork, a passion and drive to take the next step and expand frontiers. A journey into the unknown, to a degree, but ultimately taking the organisation to a new world and way of being.

Fun and informative

The book consists of a mix of dynamic, fun and informative content. It is full of easy-to-understand copy, playful illustrations, fresh photography and clear infographics. It describes – and visualises – where NN Hungary came from, where they are today, where they are headed and what this means for each individual in practice. And it explains how Agile helps to get them to this new destination.



Practically all employees were present at the Agile Launch day and actively participated in the programme. The responses were very positive. The engagement survey showed that the employee handbook is the most appreciated element of the day. Some quotes:

"Really useful, informative, gives a good overall picture on agile operation."

"Design of high standard, gives a good insight into agile operation."

"I really like the handbook, every information on agile is included. I’m taking it with me to all meetings."

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