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Employee survey communication

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Employee alignment

Wavin delivers innovative solutions for construction and infrastructure worldwide. Drawing on more than 60 years of expertise, the company aims to meet some of the world’s biggest challenges: ensuring safe and efficient water supplies, improving sanitation and hygiene, creating climate-resilient cities and improving construction.


The company is part of Orbia, a community of companies with a common goal: to advance life around the world. Wavin has over 12,000 employees in more than 40 countries, and these people contribute to the Orbia goal every day. It is therefore a precondition for success that they experience Wavin as being a good employer.


Recognising that ensuring good employment practices begins with measuring employee sentiment, Wavin asked PROOF to help it develop a really good employee survey.


The challenge

Wavin wanted to measure sentiment on three people pillars: Well-being, Fulfilment and Development. It also wanted to ask its people for their opinions on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – something Wavin finds very important. Following extensive research, we gave some advice and supported Wavin in developing the survey. As a result, the survey findings could be converted into insights and concrete actions.


The idea behind the survey was to include employees in the why and the what. Wavin also emphasised that the results would be shared afterwards, and that the survey would not be a one-off but recurring.


In addition to supporting the survey’s development, PROOF also put together a comprehensive toolkit to help managers have meaningful conversations with their teams about the survey findings and any improvement points. This included interactive formats and conversation starters, and a one-page summary of the most important results.


The result

The survey response rate was higher than expected beforehand, with the way it was communicated contributing to the increased interest. And because managers were equipped to take on their role as conversation starters and leaders, the follow-up went well, too.

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