Employee alignment

With eight faculties, almost 6,000 employees and more than 25,000 students from all over the globe, TU Delft is the Netherlands’ oldest and largest technical university, combining education and research. Together with the university’s other support services, the Facility Management (FM) department ensures students and staff enjoy a great learning and working environment.

FM aims to use its professionalism, expertise and ways of working together in the best, broadest and proactive way, to the benefit of the university. Effectively managing all of TU Delft’s facility management services, such as hospitality, safety and cleaning, and proactively finding solutions together, requires all FM employees to put their qualities to the best use. But do FM employees even realise how essential their work is?

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A shared understanding

To be able to deliver on FM’s goals, employees need to collectively understand who they are as a department and what they can do for students and staff. Together with the FM project team, PROOF therefore developed a communications campaign under the banner of ‘FM PROUDLY PRESENTS’. Within this campaign, FM staff were asked to strike up a dialogue on various topics, such as ‘What is FM known for?’, ‘What makes our department unique?’, and ‘How can we better facilitate the users on campus?’. This was followed by an inspiring development process with several communications moments, including a special kick-off.



At the kick-off of ‘FM PROUDLY PRESENTS’, an inspiring film was shown in which FM employees and campus users were given the stage. The movie shone the spotlight on what FM has to offer. All FM employees were invited to watch. To make FM staff even more aware of what they bring to the table, the kick-off ended with a special event that included a red carpet, interviews, camera crews and a photoshoot. Because the stars of FM are, of course, its employees themselves.

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