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Employee alignment

The Nierstichting (Kidney Foundation) and the Nierpatiënten Vereniging Nederland (NVN – the Netherlands Kidney Patient Association) are committed to ensuring that everyone’s kidneys are healthy. This means preventing kidney disease, improving the lives of kidney patients, increasing the number of donor kidneys and finding innovative cures for kidney diseases.


Joining forces begins with aligning your people

To future-proof what they do, the Nierstichting and NVN decided to join forces and developed a strategic plan, “Samen op KOERS” (On course together). Faced with the challenge of bringing both sets of employees closer together, they asked PROOF to turn their plan from something on paper into something that would involve and engage their leaders and employees.



Every alignment project begins with a good analysis and a powerful story. For the analysis, we conducted both desk research and interviews. Then, based on these conversations, research and the strategic plan, we developed a change story and a proposal for a creative translation. We also developed an integrated implementation strategy that reflected the organisation, the story and the goals.



The implementation of the new strategy and the accompanying change in the way of working has been well received. Leaders and team members say they feel informed, understand the urgency behind the need to transform and what this will mean for them personally. The “Wall of Change”, which is prominently located in Nierstichting’s office, helps to maintain the conversation about the changing organisation and to gauge employee needs. The other tools contribute to the “knowing, wanting and being able” aspects of change and so contribute to the willingness and ability of employees to actually do so.

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