Working for months in complete secrecy, PROOF has contributed to one of the largest and most spectacular repositionings and brand launches of the past few years. Odido shows that a telecom provider can do things differently by being more human, more open. Odido makes technology more accessible to everybody so that no one has to feel left out. A beautiful purpose that Odido wants to share with all its employees. PROOF helped Odido to make that happen so that Odido’s employees can be proud ambassadors of the new brand and its values.


Toolkits for management

To achieve this, PROOF developed a cascaded approach: from the period leading up to the launch through the first 100 days after. During these first 100 days, we introduced five different themes in a steady rhythm through five different toolkits for managers. Each toolkit consists of a slide deck with speaker notes and team interventions, enabling teams to engage with and reflect on the new brand and its values. The first toolkit introduces the brand and the following three toolkits explore each of the brand values in turn. The fifth and final toolkit reflects on everything that has happened during the first 100 days and looks ahead to what is to come. Helping managers to both inform and inspire their team members.


Starting conversations

Each new theme is supported by a range of engaging communication formats. In the company restaurants, table toppers offer facts, statistics, and conversation starters for all employees. Inspirational quotes on narrowcasting screens emphasize the brand's values. The new online platform ‘Odido World’ is constantly updated with new content based on the themes, such as personal columns from the CEO or experts answering employees' questions.


A foundation for the future

The impact of this approach is being measured through surveys. The first of these, carried out a month after the launch, already shows impressive results: employees share the brand’s values and understand Odido’s purpose. A great foundation for what is to come.



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