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The transformation of a.s.r.

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Employee alignment

a.s.r. is one of the top 3 insurers in the Netherlands and is known for its promise ‘a.s.r. does it’. To fulfil this promise and to deliver on its ambition to be the best financial services provider compared with its peers, a.s.r. wants to become even more customer oriented.

What do can do

The company asked PROOF to help it involve its employees in the transformation to a more customer-oriented organisation. This led to the concept ‘Wat doen kan doen’ (What do can do). This spin on the ‘a.s.r. does it’ slogan invites everyone who works at a.s.r. to think in terms of doing, a positive mindset that stimulates positive behaviour.

The concept and accompanying communications encourage employees to explore what customers want and to think from the customer’s point of view every step of the way. ‘What do can do’ shows how even a small improvement can make a world of difference. In addition, the theme fits seamlessly with a.s.r.’s ‘does it’ promise.

Equipping leaders

Leaders, too, have a crucial role in the transformation process. ‘What do can do’ is therefore introduced in a high-energy interactive online talk show that features an inspiring strategy film for all 350 executives. Several guests join Ingrid de Swart (a member of the Board of Directors and transformation leader) for an inspiring discussion about the why, how and what of the transformation and the crucial role managers will play in it. After the talk show, the managers are given a toolkit that they can use to begin the transformation with their teams. Three days later, there is a similar programme for employees. PROOF and a.s.r. also train a number of roving reporters, who are charged with collecting stories throughout the organisation that demonstrate how different employees think and act regarding ‘What do can do’ and to make the customer’s voice more clearly heard in the organisation. The resulting films are shared throughout the organisation.

90 days

Every 90 days, the impact of ‘doing it’ is measured, reported and new goals are set for the next 90 days. In this way, ‘What do can do’ is always on the agenda and employees learn to structure and organise their work around the customer.

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