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Healthcare is becoming more and more complex and increasing numbers of nurses are leaving the profession. In a bid to retain and enthuse them, the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) developed the Nursing Innovation and Professionalisation (VIP) programme with its UMC members.

Talents and wishes

Traditionally, educational level has been the main factor that defines the different functions and their requirements within the nursing profession. With the VIP programme, the idea is to replace this with differentiation based on the talents and wishes of the nurse themself. The VIP programme therefore focuses on forging an optimal match between the tasks, responsibilities, and decision-making level of the individual nurse, rather than defining roles by category of personnel. Of course, this is done in line with the demand for care and the composition of the team, to guarantee the quality and accessibility of care in the future as well.


To bring this new approach to life, PROOF, working closely with the NFU and several nurses, develops a clear and appealing story that sets out the why, how, what of the VIP Programme. The central message – ‘The best care for your talent’ – encourages nurses to take responsibility for their own development and to get started with the VIP Programme. This story forms the basis for all communication about the VIP Programme and is, among other things, translated into a powerful A4-sized infographic that can be used to quickly bring the VIP Programme to the attention of various stakeholders.


Because the speed at which the programme will be implemented will differ per university medical centre, PROOF then develops a tailor-made communication approach that can be implemented and applied by each UMC individually. This consists of, among other things, setting out communication phases, defining a feedback loop and laying down a methodology for sharing best practices internally and externally. PROOF also develops toolkits to support managers in communicating with their nursing staff. And with the help of ambassadors within each UMC, appointed to collect the stories of nurses who have started working on their own development, we developed a film concept ‘Walks & talks’ to share those stories across each UMC so nurses can learn from and inspire each other.


‘Walks & talks’

In this series we produced three videos:



In the first video three nurses and a manager talked about their experiences and how the new role of ‘regieverpleegkundige’ has been introduced in their UMC.


Advisory board

The second film featured nurses talking about the opportunities for further development (in addition to functional growth) and having a say by serving on a nursing advisory board or nursing platform.


Nurse scientist

In the third film two nurses talk about the new position of nurse scientist that combines patient care with research.

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