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Passing your driving test in the Netherlands is taking longer and longer. Not because of a change in the rules, but because of an acute shortage of examiners to meet the demand. The reason? Staff retirements, illness and the backlog caused by the Covid-19 restrictions. To turn this situation around, the CBR, the body responsible for administering driving tests in the Netherlands, needs examiners.


The assignment

To help it find them, the CBR asked PROOF to develop an effective recruitment campaign to recruit some 75 extra examiners – equivalent to just over 10% of the total. 


The approach

The starting point for this project is to know the target group. What motivates them and what makes the job of driving test examiner appealing. Interviews provide insight into the motivational aspects, while a thorough target group analysis makes it clear where the potential target group can be found. PROOF develops a promise, works with the CBR team to improve the candidate journey and decides to focus the strategic approach on job branding and conversion.


The outcome

Meet ‘De Examinator’ (The Examiner) – the recruitment concept developed by PROOF, because the enormous range of roles the people we are looking for must master says it all. You must be able to put candidates at ease. You must be able to justify your decisions and manage a bad-news conversation. You must be able to explain complex matters clearly, know everything about car control and driving in heavy traffic, be stress-resistant and empathetic, while also working to improve road safety in the Netherlands. That’s no joke. So in fact, our examiners are the stars of the CBR. People, please welcome... The Examiner.

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