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Working at a top club – Monteurmakelaar

Employer branding

Croonwolter&dros has been at the forefront of intelligent technology for years. More than 3,000 employees design, deliver and maintain systems and installations that make the world around us smarter, more sustainable and more beautiful. To stay ahead, Croonwolter&dros needs new technical talent.

Faced with a tight labour market and the huge demand for skilled engineers Croonwolter&dros asks PROOF to develop a recruitment campaign. The campaign will attract the right skilled technical staff to join Croonwolter&dros.


The promise made by Croonwolter&dros

A strong recruitment campaign begins with developing the employee value proposition: the promise that the brand makes to current and future employees. The next step is to develop a concept. In the case of Croonwolter&dros, the company offers a number of unique extras that are unobtainable anywhere else. So many that, added together, there is only one possible conclusion: joining Croonwolter&dros means you are going to be working with a top team as part of a top club. The top club idea in turn provided the concept for organisation-wide recruitment at Croonwolter&dros.

But how do you bring the concept of a Top club to life among engineers? We turned to one of the Netherlands’ favourite football analysts, Theo Janssen, and made him the Monteurmakelaar (engineer agent) for Croonwolter&dros.


A top contract

What does a Monteurmakelaar do? Theo Janssen arranges a top contract for all engineers – including the many extras you only get when you play at a top club. Got school or college-age kids? We’ll contribute to their tuition fees. Did your current employer pay for you to study? Send the bill to us. And because playing at a top club involves a lot of training, Croonwolter&dros offers courses aimed at turning every engineer into a top-flight performer. Hence the call to action: make the transfer.


Online and offline

The Monteurmakelaar is everywhere. On large billboards next to the motorway, in videos and banners on social media, and in radio commercials. Everything leads to the campaign website, where as an engineer, you can arrange your transfer directly. And to extend the campaign’s reach even further, we also involve the company’s employees in the recruitment drive. In a kick-off video, Theo Janssen talks about the beautiful referral deal that is available to them. To promote the campaign, all employees receive a Working at a Top Club T-shirt.

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