PROOF PEOPLE | interim professionals

PROOF PEOPLE | interim professionals

PROOF launches PROOF PEOPLE. One question we regularly get asked is whether we can provide extra hands to help our clients implement their change and alignment programmes. In 2020, we experimented with providing interim programme managers for some of our existing clients. That went well. So, in 2021, we decided to make it official and launched PROOF PEOPLE | interim professionals.

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  • An interim helping hand can be invaluable when implementing a change programme. We offer support from experienced change specialists who are comfortable working at management and board level, who know how to implement a strategy and who understand the combined role of Communication and HR in activating employees to align behind the organisational strategy. Our specialists understand how important it is to move fast while at the same time recognising that care matters more than speed.

  • PROOF can call on a large network of people who know, understand and share our vision and way of working. A network of mid-career and senior professionals who know their way around the world of work and can call on their PROOF colleagues’ knowledge and skills whenever needed. As a team and as a network, we recognise that we’re stronger together and that sharing takes us further. PROOF stands for collaboration, loyalty, drive and a results-oriented mentality.

  • The professionals at PROOF PEOPLE are alert to the needs of current and potential employees. They have the excellent stakeholder management skills required to operate effectively and direct the decision-making process in complex, multi-layered organisations. They are quick and hard-working thinkers and doers who make an impact on organisations and know the ins and outs of doing business. They add real value to your organisation.

  • We place international assignments in the hands of international teams. Multidisciplinary, these teams comprise interim experts of different nationalities and cultures who have worked in a variety of countries. They devise and implement alignment solutions that support local interpretation and adaptation. And, if needed, they can help country offices to implement global alignment solutions locally.

  • Every PROOF PEOPLE interim professional has a record of success and a large network of their own. If you have ever worked with PROOF, then you know the quality and expertise you can expect.

  • You can add a PROOF PEOPLE professional to your team on a temporary basis, as part-time permanent placement, as a duo combination (senior and mid-career experts), or on an ad hoc basis. We offer hourly rates, day rates and team rates, so you can choose what works best for you.

PROOF PEOPLE interim professionals can help you with a variety of complex issues that involve change communication and employee alignment:

  • Change communication

  • Strategy communication

  • Internal communication

  • Employee alignment & internal branding

  • Leadership communication

  • Crisis communication

  • The employee journey

  • Employer branding

  • Recruitment marketing & job branding

PROOF PEOPLE professionals have a proven track record and relevant experience in a variety of business environments and sectors:

  • In for-profit and non-profit

  • In start-ups, scale-ups, large SMEs, corporates, multinationals

  • In family businesses and listed companies

  • In national and international companies, and with diverse nationalities and cultures

  • Sectors:

    – Finance

    – Care

    – Education

    – Energy

    – Retail

    – Industry

PROOF PEOPLE interim professionals share these core qualities:
– Strategic insight
– Analytical and pragmatic
– Flexible and fast
– Loyal and no-nonsense
– Curious
– Growth mindset
– Can-do attitude

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